Psychoactive Substances Act UK & How It Affects Kratom Users

At the near end of January 2016, precisely 28th January the Psychoactive Substances Bill was approved (at the request of Theresa May) and came into place officially on 26th May 2016 across the UK, leaving many UK based companies that specialise in the production and sale of Kratom out of business, some of the these companies were, KratomSupply and Perfect Kratom which received many orders.

Generally psychoactive substances are known as ‘legal high’ that were freely sold online and at head shops and many people bought them.  They were synthetic replicas of cannabis, coke and other chemical substances that god knows are made out of! It was these substances that ultimately caused a stir and brought the law into place and I do agree that they should be illegal, however I don’t believe Kratom should fall into the same category.

The Psychoactive Substances act is a now a law that forbids the production, sale and supply of new class psychoactive substances that are considered ‘legal high’.  If you’re caught breaking this law, you can serve a maximum imprisonment of seven years! Wow..

Furthermore, the police have the power to seize Kratom if in possession and can also conduct searches (with a warrant) that if results in the finding of Kratom, can be destroyed and you could be fined if they find Kratom or even imprisoned for up to a year, and even longer in Northern Ireland, 6 years. If you’re caught selling Kratom you could be imprisoned for seven years based on the duration of sale and other aspects.

Anything that essentially stimulates or depresses the nervous system, changes a person’s mental state and mental state is considered a ‘psychoactive substance’ by UK law.  Now it’s funny because alcohol, tobacco, caffeine,  pain killing pharmaceutical drugs etc all are to some degree, psychoactive, in that they affect your mood, your state of mind and emotional state, yet apparently these are exempt from this law. Okay.

Kratom has never really been considered as a legal high by the public who use it, until this bill was considered. It seems the government did not favor to the increase in people using this safe herbal plant.