How to Destroy Anxiety & Stress


Sleep is very important in general and can have negative side effects if you‘re deprived of it. This being that you feel anxious and agitated, developing a decent sleep schedule you change how you feel entirely.


This is a great way to improve your general mood and wellbeing over time and also instantly after exercise. You will feel less anxious after a run and more likely to feel confident with yourself and with being around people and in different environments.


When was the last time you really laughed? Watch a comedy, go with a friend and watch something funny. Just hang out with people who make you laugh. Do stuff that essentially will make you laugh. Its good for you.


If you have a lot of thoughts in your head that are the cause for anxiety, try spending five minutes per day just writing down what thoughts come in your head, especially when you’re in the ‘anxious situations’ dig deeper and discover what you can change in terms of thoughts.

Eat healthy food

A balanced diet is the best diet to provide you with all the energy, nutrients you need and if you are consistent with it you can have no feelings of intense anxiety at all. If you’re used to having snacks and not proper meals during the day, change it up and see how you feel. It may take a bit of effort on your part but you will be surprised how much better you feel.

Get a message

Go and out and get a message from someone or better yet a friend, family member and just relax! Messages can help a lot with relieving parts of your body that are stressed. Get a message and see how you feel.




Using Kratom For Productivity

One thing we all experience from time to time, is a lack of motivation or lack of productivity and a great way of fixing this is using something called Kratom. Now the problem is Kratom is actually illegal to sell in the UK now so I can’t give you a vendor to buy from …but if you’re lucky enough to know someone who has kratom then I suggest you ask them for a little bit, for you to experiment.

Basically when I consume kratom (small amount) I suddenly feel full of creative energy and I just want to get shit done. This making me flow through the day with no stress or worries, it makes you more creative and helps you think clearly. It enables you to endure whatever it is you need to get through, whether it be a work day or just a day where you want to get more done than you usually do.

1gram of any kratom strain ,even slow strains can give you a pretty cool buzz and keep you’re energy levels going. I usually consume in the morning on an empty stomach and by the time I head into work, I’m feeling the kratom. It’s a great tool for productivity but I would not make it  a habit, every so often when you need a little boost is just fine.

5 Simple Ways To Get Stuff Done

We all struggle to get stuff done, sometimes you can just do it, sometimes we can’t – this is for when we simply can’t be bothered but know we need to crack on with our to do’s!

  1. Just start! – just start the task without any assumptions on how it will roll, just go with it and I’m sure once you start you will get into it with some endurance. Once you start, it gets easier and after you’ve done you realise its not all that bad once you just start.
  1. Make a list – now some people aren’t a fan to lists but they do wonder’s when you have quite a lot of stuff to battle and it can be useful to just vent all of it out and then prioritise each task, then begin working down the list.
  1. Block time – Tell yourself that you will, for example study for 1 hour, stick to that time and even set a timer if necessary and then after that hour you get a ten minute break.
  1. Reward yourself – its always a nice feeling when you get something done and dusted that was a nightmare and then reward yourself by having your favourite meal, or just checking your phone for a while or just having a general break doing something rewarding and that you enjoy.
  1. Block out distractions – when you make the decision to start the task, at that moment you will not touch anything other than what is required to and is relevant to the task. Don’t check your phone, don’t get distracted by notifications or get tempted to go onto Youtube. You can do all of that later!


Train yourself to become a flow master in getting shit done!

Using Phenibut for Exposure Therapy

Using Phenibut for Exposure Therapy

Following on from my previous post on Social Anixety, its important for me to mention an amazing substance, named Phenibut. Phenibut is a central depressant and analog of the inhibitory neurotransmitter γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Phenibut crosses the blood brain barrier which causes users to experiences feelings of euphoria, good sense of well being, reduction in anxiety and happiness. Phenibut has been around since 1960’s and was first used by the Soviet Union who also developed the substance. Phenibut has been used by many people for the anti -anxiety properties  which are very apparent when someone consumes Phenibut. Suddenly nervousness, agitation and jitteriness are eradicated and one feels at complete ease within themselves and with people, thus enabling them to feel more comfortable and more inclined to talk to others around them with a heighted sense of self esteem and confidence.

One of the best uses for Phenibut is for helping with exposure therapy, because it can be a challenging ride and even more so, a very anxious one, phenibut can be a great help in making you feel less anxious physically and making you feel more calm and comfortable within yourself. It has the power to do this and that’s what makes it so effective.

Phenibut is the only substance I know of that actually works and does not have negative side effects after its use, of course there are instances where one has taken too much and felt nausea but in many cases people feel just as good as they did when the phenibut kicked in when the effects wear off.

My recommendation would be to take between 500mg – 1gm however,  if you’re new to using Phenibut I would only suggest ingesting 500mg – 600mg for starters and then seeing how that effects you , you could take more if needed but start small and see how you feel. I’v found that small dosages are quite effective than higher doses.

To conclude, I would not use phenibut everyday for aiding exposure therapy  and recommend that you take Phenibut twice a week on different days during the week and then not taking it on the rest of the days and maybe just go without anything and see what happens! Phenibut can be dangerous if you start taking it everyday and you will build a dependency on it pretty quick so just be careful and sensible with it.

Good luck and take care!