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5 Surprising Benefits of Ginger Tea

Ginger tea has been around for a while, however many people are unaware of the amazing benefits that ginger tea has, from preventing cancer to reducing the pain from menstrual periods and much more. There are have been many studies that prove that ginger tea can truly benefit anyone with certain health issues.

Blood Circulation

Another great benefit of ginger tea is that it improves blood slow within the body, therefore preventing fever and other associates problems. As ginger contains amino acids and minerals that are active compounds, these help in generally improving the flood slow, and helping you to be more active. Furthermore ginger can prevent cardiovascular diseases and enable you to exercise without feeling worn out easily.

Stomach Discomfort

We have all had stomach discomfort at some point in our life’s and most of the time we probably take prescribed medicine or ride it out, however ginger tea is one of those that can ease the discomfort and get you back on your feet. Simply brew a cup of ginger tea and you will be feeling better in no time. As well as easing the stomach pain, you will feel less nausea and overall better. If you are someone who gets motion sickness during travelling, then drinking some ginger tea before you go or taking a tea bag with you will prevent sickness.


A surprising effect of ginger tea is that it can help those who have asthma, not that it will cure asthma but it will help those who have difficulty breathing and want to feel like their lungs are clearer, and as ginger tea loosens phlegm, the lungs ultimately expand which therefore aids in breathing clearly. If you are someone who has asthma, I would highly recommend ginger tea – one cup should do it when you feel it’s difficult to breathe.

Menstrual Pain

As a woman, the pain of menstrual periods is terribly painful and can really cut you back from everyday tasks as well as even getting out the bed! Ginger tea is a god send in this regard as it can help relax muscles and provide relief to abdominal and cramp pain. Drinking a cup of ginger tea will do the trick but you can also grab a hot towel that has been dipped in ginger tea and place this on your stomach for relief.

Cancer Prevention

Ginger has been studied for treating certain cancers, especially ovarian cancers and many studies have been conducted to show that ginger can kill to cancer cells as the cells end up attacking themselves and this killing the cancer itself. It is quite remarkable that this is the case and is a great reason to drink ginger tea, both in preventing cancer and treating.

Best Benefits of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that is able to figure out what the body needs, in turn helping you feel better overall. There are many benefits to short and long term use of Ashwaganda. Studies have down ashwaganda to reduce anxiety and depression, lower blood sugar levels and much more. I want to point out the main benefits that can aid people the most with different problems.

Stress Reduction

Ashwagandha has been shown to reduce stress with individuals who get stressed easily or have severe anxiety. Researchers looked at the effects this herb had on the brain of a rat, which showed that it helped block the stress pathway by controlling the chemical balances in the nervous system. Other human studies have shown that symptoms of stress and anxiety can be reduced with this herb, in an effective manner.

Thyroid Aid

One of the main benefits of Ashwagandha is the effect it can have on the thyroid, especially with those who have thyroid issues such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and Hashimotos. Reports show that this herb can help a slow and sluggish thyroid feel much more healthier and well. Because our thyroid controls our hormones, when you have a thyroid condition the hormones are everywhere, therefore Ashwagandha can be a great help in bringing your hormones into balance and to adapt to what your body requires.

Stamina and Endurance Enhanced

Ashwagandha has been shown to increase endurance when performing physical activities and also helping you recover quality after exercise and body pain. The calming effects of Ashwaganda have shown to reduce stress hormones, which makes a person feel better in general, have better concentration, increase motivation and more energy. Studies that were conducted showed that when Ashwaganda was given to rats, they were able to swim faster and longer than other rates that were not give Ashwaganda.

Increased Blood Cells

Another great benefit of this amazing herb Is that it has shown to increase red and white cells in the blood, which ultimately aids those who are prone to anaemia or to prevent such issues with lack of red blood cells. Haematopoiesis is the actual development in producing fresh blood to flow around the body, and when there are not enough cells, people can feel tired, fatigued and feel many other unpleasant effects, which can lead to anaemia.

If you are interested in Ashwagandha, I reccomend buying Organic capsules from:

Psychoactive Substances Act UK & How It Affects Kratom Users

At the near end of January 2016, precisely 28th January the Psychoactive Substances Bill was approved (at the request of Theresa May) and came into place officially on 26th May 2016 across the UK, leaving many UK based companies that specialise in the production and sale of Kratom out of business, some of the these companies were, KratomSupply and Perfect Kratom which received many orders.

Generally psychoactive substances are known as ‘legal high’ that were freely sold online and at head shops and many people bought them.  They were synthetic replicas of cannabis, coke and other chemical substances that god knows are made out of! It was these substances that ultimately caused a stir and brought the law into place and I do agree that they should be illegal, however I don’t believe Kratom should fall into the same category.

The Psychoactive Substances act is a now a law that forbids the production, sale and supply of new class psychoactive substances that are considered ‘legal high’.  If you’re caught breaking this law, you can serve a maximum imprisonment of seven years! Wow..

Furthermore, the police have the power to seize Kratom if in possession and can also conduct searches (with a warrant) that if results in the finding of Kratom, can be destroyed and you could be fined if they find Kratom or even imprisoned for up to a year, and even longer in Northern Ireland, 6 years. If you’re caught selling Kratom you could be imprisoned for seven years based on the duration of sale and other aspects.

Anything that essentially stimulates or depresses the nervous system, changes a person’s mental state and mental state is considered a ‘psychoactive substance’ by UK law.  Now it’s funny because alcohol, tobacco, caffeine,  pain killing pharmaceutical drugs etc all are to some degree, psychoactive, in that they affect your mood, your state of mind and emotional state, yet apparently these are exempt from this law. Okay.

Kratom has never really been considered as a legal high by the public who use it, until this bill was considered. It seems the government did not favor to the increase in people using this safe herbal plant.

How To Make Money Online From Home

There are many ways to make money online. Today I will share with you a number of ways to make money online very easily.

Affiliate Marketing: This is a great way to earn money by sharing other people’s products on your blog or website. Basically you sign up to affiliate programs that are available,  most popularly on Amazon and Ebay. Once you sign up you will be given the opportunity to search products relevant to your  blog and then copy a special unique link that tracks back to you whenever someone clicks on the link and buys the product. You will then earn a certain amount of money from that purchase , this is depend on the company. This is a great tool if you’re are recommending, for example health tips to your viewer, you could add more to your article by recommending a product based on that topic and add a link to your post.

Amazon KDP Kindle Publishing: If you’re a aspiring writer, a  good way to start sharing your work is on amazon’s KDP Publishing site as it is free to sign up and use. The only thing you have to do is the actual work and then just upload your book to amazon and you could be in a chance of earning money if people are interested in your book. It is also great for generally getting your work out there onto the internet. It also builds a base for you to start from in terms of self publishing. You might not make a enormous amount of money but it Is defiantly something people have achieve, so give it a go!

Create a  GIG on Fiverr

Another great way to make money online is to share your skills with the rest of the world using Fiverr. It is a site that basically allows people to offer their skills to you and vice versa. You can create a account for free and set up a mini business where people  can purchase a service from you for only £5. This is a great way to share your skills and earn money at the same time , providing assistant to other people.

Complete Surveys

Another great way to earn money is to complete online surveys for companies who need them for research. There are many companies out there that need research on customers preferences and that’s why people can get paid to complete surveys. I have tried many different sites but to me the most legit site out there is OpinionOutpost , I have earned money from them quite a number of times now and it has really been rewarding. The maximum I have earned in completing the surveys has been about £20. Its not a awful lot but its good here and there when you need a bit of extra cash!

Sell stuff you no longer need

Finally, the best way to earn money is to sell your unwanted items to eBay, amazon and many other online shopping services. It’s a great to sell electronic devices on as they sell very well, especially new end phones. I have personally always used Ebay for this and have managed to make a fair bit of money selling things I don’t need anymore.

So if you’re in need of some money on the side, why not give these techniques I go and see how it goes for you .You have nothing to lose.

How To Achieve Your Goals

The first thing I’d say is to write down your goals clearly on paper, make sure its specific to your requirements and also specify how long you want to spend each day working on that goal. Make a plan to set aside time every day or whenever you can to sit and work on whatever it is with no distractions!  One thing to remember, you don’t have to spend all day working on your goals , if you want to that’s fine but realistically you want to move your day around, by maybe getting some air , exercising this way you’re doing other activities and that can help with ‘refreshing’ yourself. A good way to manage this is to block out specific time, for example 1 hour blocks working then having a 10 minute break, then resuming for maybe 2 hours then after that do something different.

Another great thing to do is to have a reward system in place for yourself, so if do work say for 2 hours, after that two hours you could go out for lunch somewhere nice and reward yourself, or just simply eat something that you enjoy, or just do something that brings you pleasure then go back to the task. The feeling you get from this is pleasurable too and helps you to get motivation. This will also build up momentum.

Removing distractions is also an important thing to do because it’s so easy to get distracted and if you can manage this you can narrow your focus to just that one thing that really is important to you. If you’re passionate about something you will most likely achieve whatever it is you want, because the passion you have is extremely powerful. If you want to be successful you have to put the work in, and most importantly cut all the distractions that will hold you back: this means turning your phone off, not checking your facebook/twitter, not searching randomly on the internet, not aimlessly watching tv; you can do any of these things once the hard work is done! Discipline is the key here! Master your ability to avoid temptation. All the hard work will eventually pay off and this is something you have to trust that will happen because when you trust the process, you flow with it.

What’s great about the hard work, is eventually it becomes part of you, you find your flow with it or in some cases you do the hard work and that’s it, you don’t really need to do anything else!

Best Method To Beat Anxiety

When it comes to anxiety, those who actually experience it only truly know how life damaging it can to people and much it can limit you. People overlook how bad it can get for people and how many people find unhealthy and limiting coping mechanisms that ultimately make us feel even more anxious.  It’s a pain in the backside and many people go through with this in such a way that they don’t want people to figure them out but body language shows a lot about someone and it can easily give it away. Anxiety ruins you and masks the real you, you’re unable express yourself the way you truly want to and ultimately feel restricted.

One of the best ways to reengage your self and start reconnecting with people is to use exposure therapy; it is the best way to really tackle to core of the issue. Although it may seem difficulty (which it is) is really will pay off and benefit you long term because what you’re doing is the opposite of you what don’t want to do but it’s the only way to truly beat anxiety. You have to challenge yourself and face your fears, only then will be build solid and raw confidence and only then will true progress be made within your soul. Believe that you can do it.

When I first started practising exposure therapy, I was very nervous and really did not want to do it but I set the intension first thing  in the morning before work and went to work finding any opportunity to speak to someone, even if it was for to say “Hi” or “Morning” because that was the first step, just simply saying that because I did not say that to any one before and now it  was time to change that. As I started doing this, I was able to accelerate the conversation to longer talks with people and eventually it became easier to just talk to anyone. I still had a slight anxious feeling when speaking to certain people but the main thing was I went from being mute to speaking to everyone in a confident way.