Welcome to my blog!

This blog is aimed at anyone who wants to improve themselves and discover new ideas to expand their minds. There are many aspects of health that I am passionate about, particularly alternative medicine, as I believe the powers of above are not too big on emphasising the benefits that the herbal remedies have, which is why I want to shed light onto these amazing products, as well as provide health and wellbeing tips and advice that can only benefit you and aid in your journey.

As someone who has been through addiction with various vices, I am keen to help those who have been through the agonising pain during withdrawals and to ease them for you. Another focus that I am passionate about is thyroid health, being a sufferer of Hypothyroidism myself, I know and I have been through the struggles, It is tough and not a lot of people truly understand it, which is why I have done a lot of research and now want to spread my knowledge to help those who need it.


Thank you.