Using Phenibut for Exposure Therapy

Using Phenibut for Exposure Therapy

Following on from my previous post on Social Anixety, its important for me to mention an amazing substance, named Phenibut. Phenibut is a central depressant and analog of the inhibitory neurotransmitter γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Phenibut crosses the blood brain barrier which causes users to experiences feelings of euphoria, good sense of well being, reduction in anxiety and happiness. Phenibut has been around since 1960’s and was first used by the Soviet Union who also developed the substance. Phenibut has been used by many people for the anti -anxiety properties  which are very apparent when someone consumes Phenibut. Suddenly nervousness, agitation and jitteriness are eradicated and one feels at complete ease within themselves and with people, thus enabling them to feel more comfortable and more inclined to talk to others around them with a heighted sense of self esteem and confidence.

One of the best uses for Phenibut is for helping with exposure therapy, because it can be a challenging ride and even more so, a very anxious one, phenibut can be a great help in making you feel less anxious physically and making you feel more calm and comfortable within yourself. It has the power to do this and that’s what makes it so effective.

Phenibut is the only substance I know of that actually works and does not have negative side effects after its use, of course there are instances where one has taken too much and felt nausea but in many cases people feel just as good as they did when the phenibut kicked in when the effects wear off.

My recommendation would be to take between 500mg – 1gm however,  if you’re new to using Phenibut I would only suggest ingesting 500mg – 600mg for starters and then seeing how that effects you , you could take more if needed but start small and see how you feel. I’v found that small dosages are quite effective than higher doses.

To conclude, I would not use phenibut everyday for aiding exposure therapy  and recommend that you take Phenibut twice a week on different days during the week and then not taking it on the rest of the days and maybe just go without anything and see what happens! Phenibut can be dangerous if you start taking it everyday and you will build a dependency on it pretty quick so just be careful and sensible with it.

Good luck and take care!



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