Using Kratom For Productivity

One thing we all experience from time to time, is a lack of motivation or lack of productivity and a great way of fixing this is using something called Kratom. Now the problem is Kratom is actually illegal to sell in the UK now so I can’t give you a vendor to buy from …but if you’re lucky enough to know someone who has kratom then I suggest you ask them for a little bit, for you to experiment.

Basically when I consume kratom (small amount) I suddenly feel full of creative energy and I just want to get shit done. This making me flow through the day with no stress or worries, it makes you more creative and helps you think clearly. It enables you to endure whatever it is you need to get through, whether it be a work day or just a day where you want to get more done than you usually do.

1gram of any kratom strain ,even slow strains can give you a pretty cool buzz and keep you’re energy levels going. I usually consume in the morning on an empty stomach and by the time I head into work, I’m feeling the kratom. It’s a great tool for productivity but I would not make it  a habit, every so often when you need a little boost is just fine.


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