How to Destroy Anxiety & Stress


Sleep is very important in general and can have negative side effects if you‘re deprived of it. This being that you feel anxious and agitated, developing a decent sleep schedule you change how you feel entirely.


This is a great way to improve your general mood and wellbeing over time and also instantly after exercise. You will feel less anxious after a run and more likely to feel confident with yourself and with being around people and in different environments.


When was the last time you really laughed? Watch a comedy, go with a friend and watch something funny. Just hang out with people who make you laugh. Do stuff that essentially will make you laugh. Its good for you.


If you have a lot of thoughts in your head that are the cause for anxiety, try spending five minutes per day just writing down what thoughts come in your head, especially when you’re in the ‘anxious situations’ dig deeper and discover what you can change in terms of thoughts.

Eat healthy food

A balanced diet is the best diet to provide you with all the energy, nutrients you need and if you are consistent with it you can have no feelings of intense anxiety at all. If you’re used to having snacks and not proper meals during the day, change it up and see how you feel. It may take a bit of effort on your part but you will be surprised how much better you feel.

Get a message

Go and out and get a message from someone or better yet a friend, family member and just relax! Messages can help a lot with relieving parts of your body that are stressed. Get a message and see how you feel.




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