Best Method To Beat Anxiety

When it comes to anxiety, those who actually experience it only truly know how life damaging it can to people and much it can limit you. People overlook how bad it can get for people and how many people find unhealthy and limiting coping mechanisms that ultimately make us feel even more anxious.  It’s a pain in the backside and many people go through with this in such a way that they don’t want people to figure them out but body language shows a lot about someone and it can easily give it away. Anxiety ruins you and masks the real you, you’re unable express yourself the way you truly want to and ultimately feel restricted.

One of the best ways to reengage your self and start reconnecting with people is to use exposure therapy; it is the best way to really tackle to core of the issue. Although it may seem difficulty (which it is) is really will pay off and benefit you long term because what you’re doing is the opposite of you what don’t want to do but it’s the only way to truly beat anxiety. You have to challenge yourself and face your fears, only then will be build solid and raw confidence and only then will true progress be made within your soul. Believe that you can do it.

When I first started practising exposure therapy, I was very nervous and really did not want to do it but I set the intension first thing  in the morning before work and went to work finding any opportunity to speak to someone, even if it was for to say “Hi” or “Morning” because that was the first step, just simply saying that because I did not say that to any one before and now it  was time to change that. As I started doing this, I was able to accelerate the conversation to longer talks with people and eventually it became easier to just talk to anyone. I still had a slight anxious feeling when speaking to certain people but the main thing was I went from being mute to speaking to everyone in a confident way.


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