5 Simple Ways To Get Stuff Done

We all struggle to get stuff done, sometimes you can just do it, sometimes we can’t – this is for when we simply can’t be bothered but know we need to crack on with our to do’s!

  1. Just start! – just start the task without any assumptions on how it will roll, just go with it and I’m sure once you start you will get into it with some endurance. Once you start, it gets easier and after you’ve done you realise its not all that bad once you just start.
  1. Make a list – now some people aren’t a fan to lists but they do wonder’s when you have quite a lot of stuff to battle and it can be useful to just vent all of it out and then prioritise each task, then begin working down the list.
  1. Block time – Tell yourself that you will, for example study for 1 hour, stick to that time and even set a timer if necessary and then after that hour you get a ten minute break.
  1. Reward yourself – its always a nice feeling when you get something done and dusted that was a nightmare and then reward yourself by having your favourite meal, or just checking your phone for a while or just having a general break doing something rewarding and that you enjoy.
  1. Block out distractions – when you make the decision to start the task, at that moment you will not touch anything other than what is required to and is relevant to the task. Don’t check your phone, don’t get distracted by notifications or get tempted to go onto Youtube. You can do all of that later!


Train yourself to become a flow master in getting shit done!


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